Bird mite control is becoming an increasingly common practice among real people with many areas experiencing infestation rather disgracefully. To fully grasp effective bird mite control, it is absolutely essential to actually understand the occurrence of these organisms. Bird mites are small arthropods that are related to the spider family. Technically, if you fail when undertaking a bird mite control treatment, it would essentially be because you could not properly identify the mites leading to incorrect bird mites treatment. Though in most cases it is strongly recommended to use DIY pest control methods, in the event that you experience bird mite infestation, you cannot hope to do it all on your own. The treatment process, you can definitely undertake yourself, but you absolutely need to refer the identification of the mites to a professional.

How does bird mite infestation actually occur?

Basically, bird mite infestation occurs when birds gain entry into roof cavities via broken tiles and that kind of thing and they begin to make nests there during the early spring and summer seasons. Mites then feed on the un-feathered nestlings of the birds while the large amounts of nestling materials used by the birds provide an ideal environment for the mites to successfully thrive and reproduce. Some infestation also occurs from birds roosting on the outside of dwellings such as window ledges so when you consider bird mite control, you need to, first of all, make sure your home is not actually inviting bird mite infestation. The thing with bird mites it’s that they can bite humans but they cannot technically feed on us so at the end of their life-cycle which is no more than a couple of weeks, they will undoubtedly die. It’s a different consideration that they reproduce like crazy and leave behind them thousands of other bird mites, so bird mite control is not all easy.

What does bird mite control actually engage?

As mentioned above, bird mite control starts with correctly identifying the species attacking your home and your family. Once the mites have been correctly identified, appropriate steps must be taken to locate and remove the very source of the infestation and furthermore prevent its recurrence. Ideally, all nesting sites should be located and nesting materials removed. Highly recommended during bird mite control is the use of an insecticide spray that is capable of completely eradicating bird mites. Also, as we saw above, you should also condition your home appropriately to make sure broken tiles and roof cavities are eliminated.